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“Amanda Panda has been a wonderful addition to our preschool! Amanda is very enthusiastic and kind to all of our students. She makes learning about instruments, music, and the exploration of all things to do with music very fun and exciting for our students.  

One of the things we love about Amanda and the program is that she is very thoughtful when choosing songs to ensure it is appropriate and engaging. She also creates her own music which has varying lessons in them like learning about healthy eating, the different types of trees, counting, animal sounds, and many other educational experiences within the songs.

Amanda is very mindful of her audience and does an amazing job keeping our little ones engaged and excited about the lesson. She often brings helpers with her and many new and creative ideas each time she comes.  Our students absolutely love Amanda Panda and we highly recommend her program to anyone who is looking for an amazing musical addition to their learning experience.” 

-Mary Mathieson & Christy Crowley of the Gorham Cooperative Preschool